Tonight I have an overwhelming sense of guilt. I have no idea why or what I would be feeling guilty for. Its overpowering my mind to the point where cant sleep or rest. Im so confused 😕 I honestly don’t know what to do. My anxiety is getting worse and worse by the day. How do I fix this… During the day im consumed by fear and by night i am consumed by guilt.  How do I fix this?

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  1. Guilt and shame are my go to emotions and it’s an awful thing to be tormented with. one thing that helped was realizing the difference between the two emotions- shame is, “I am bad.” guilt is, “I did something bad.” there is usually nothing wrong with guilt- it means you have empathy…. shame is one hell of a thing, however. no one is perfect and everyone messes up… it doesn’t make you a bad person <3 i guess, if you're feeling guilty about your behavior, remain mindful and breathe for a min before you react. i do bad things sometimes, like today i lied about something to a coworker. instead of destroying myself like i normally do, i took a breath and said,"hey that was pretty fucked up of me, but i forgive myself. this does not make me a bad person. i will think about what i say next time and learn from this." allowing myself to be forgiven on the spot makes it so all night i won't be staying up, replaying the scenario over and over again. life is hard and sometimes pretty shitty, but it's all about doing little steps to reframe your mind and reality. and you're doing the best you can do <3 you deserve happiness!!!!!!!!!!<3 remember that xoxo srry for rambling i just went to therapy it's on my mind lol love u

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