He meant what he said

Here  I am worried about being with child ( back of my mind but I dont really think I am). First time ever for things right! 

Anyways the ex husband tells me the bible says he cannot remarry because his first wife is still married. He doesnt want to go to hell. 

I get it. 

I am worried about our age difference and he is worried about going to hell. I get it. I dont want to go to hell or be the reason he goes to hell.

My prayers have changed. 

I need to pray for mental peace and clarity again. 

I am attractive, smart and hardworking. Wanting a loving man is something I have wanted for so long. There was a time I had that very thing but i was young and immature and messed it. 

Dear Creator, 

Please grant my heart peace. 

A loving and hardworking husband who wants to get my pregant is also needed.


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  1. I hope you get what you are praying for, that’s not asking too much. I plan to keep reading so I can find out if you are pregnant and keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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