I am interviewing tomorrow for a new job. It is better than my current job at least, pay, benefits, upward mobility. The one thing is I will be cementing myself as a job hopper. There will be nowhere to go if it does not work out, or rather, if I do not decide within 2 months if it works out. I will be leaving Ortho off of my resume, I used to do that a lot, but this will be the first time in nearly 5 years. My resume was honest and now it won’t be, if I get the job.
I am the opposite of busy here, and I would say there is no stress but in fact, I stress over there not being any! I won’t have the job through April if Gary does not get involved anyway, no one seems to value learning and coaching.
I will apply to another if this does not work out, but targeted, with cover letters. I am not actively looking, or am I? I suppose I am.
I suppose my career is very typically Millenial(although 1983 is barely), if this company won’t help me help them, why bother?

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