Jan 14

Stinky oil on car door handle. Snow brush has oil and dirt on it. Windshield wipers were cut a little more to disrupt vision. If I get new ones he’ll just do it again, so what do I do? This has happened on all my vehicles since I was 20 and first met him. From my first car until now. 

Car seat seems lower, like someone big was on it trying to mess the seat up. Again this has happened in all my cars. I wondered always how this could be. He’s admitted to doing this when I brought it up in conversation, never asked him how he did it as I didn’t know he was stealing my car and able to get into it. Being short I need the seat higher, and eventually I won’t be able to adjust it and it will hurt my back from the stuffing either compressed or removed. 

Above establishes pattern. I know others are dealing with same. 

I believe I hear him inside. I neglect to write when he’s here, it’s so often. He gets off on it. Thinks he’s something, no one can find him yet he’s around making noise, walking around. Makes me seem crazy but I know I’m not, others heard it too. Just can’t find his hiding spot. Maybe results come in today so I can begin a normal life. 

Front door dirtier with hand prints. Looks like he put oil on that too. He’s been pushing insulation out of house again I can see fine bits on oiled windows and screens. 

Car windows not working prooerly, even on warmer days, makes popping sound like it’s sticking. Expected on day like today but not when it’s 50 or above out.  Forgot to note it since last week when I first noticed it. Again, something he always does, another piece to his pattern. 

Bootsie has more shit glued to his butt and his fur is very thin around sides near his rear leg joints. OMG is green also giving them arthritic condition? Pics. Can’t get pics of his sides. He’s Moving too much. No wonder my cats always cry.  They’ve been sick, not furballs. 

New pj bottoms worn Once and washed are stretched out and torn. He stretches all my clothes. His pattern. Done it forever. 32 yrs ive not had my clothes fit right .He also stretched out my bras and straps.  Laundry left in basket on my bed was dispersed, I know the cats couldn’t have done it because the basket was 1/2 full and they couldn’t have strewn those clothes around. He’s getting much meaner about clothes, the pants are stretched so big 2-3 of me can fit, and they look ridiculous. .He must have seen me talking to a guy or 2 at the shelter. He gets very angry if I speak to a man. Drove him crazy when I talked to anyone at the trade center. I never realized what was happening then, why he was angry with me.  All my clothes are so thin from him stretching them out. They were nice fuzzy fluffy warm things now they will be cold to wear in spite of the fuzz on them. His pattern of abuse. Lord how it took so long for me to realize i  have a stalker. This is crazy. My towels are stretched and torn a little, seams in everything picked at. In his mind I am his and he must get even with me in every way possible for cheating on him. I cannot sleep at home alone without someone being awake to make sure I’m ok. 

He stretched out my leather jacket I’ve been wearing to the shelter. Must have done it when I was in shower or in basement smoking.  Sheesh this is creepy. Arms are longer, he used something on sleeves to wear away the top layer. He’s working zipper lining. Cuffs are stretched too. And hole in left pocket now there wasn’t last night.  His abuses are so thorough….everything I own is messed up. 

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