Mum went to the Hospital early this morning. They wheeled her off to her surgery around 8am. They operated for a little over two hours, and she is recovering. She ended up not having a tumor or a stone in her kidneys. It was a piece of her kidney that had broken off years before, and it had become calcified. When the Doctor used the laser on it, he said it crumbled like a “dust bunny”. So, very good news for Mum, I thank you Lord for your great Mercy. My Wife’s Brother In Law was there with us and two of my Wife’s three Sisters. This guy talked for the four of us. None of us could get a word in edgewise. He talks a lot of bs, a whole lot. I kept tapping my Wife’s leg under the table trying not to laugh at what he was saying.

We went to the Library on the way home, and I took out two books. One on Electric Energy, and the other one that I’ve been wanting to read for many years. I came across a pamphlet about reading and doing different things. The first on the list was read a classic that you’ve always wanted to read. So, Studs Lonigan it is.

Whilst we were there waiting to hear about Mum at the hospital they had a thing about budgets on one of the monitors. I’ve been really good lately about coming across articles and bookmarking them. I have one bookmarked now. The first thing on the budget, which I will start with the next cheque is the car payment which will be due. Next month, when I get a full cheque, it will be very different from now. It, of course will change every month. This will only be done if I stick to it. Discipline, that is what it will take. I’ve been disciplined this morning and so far today.

Things are going to start happening because, of my Faith.




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