i made an oopsie doopsie

don’t want to fall into my old borderline habits ok!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST REMAIN MINDFUL

i also must forgive myself immediately…. it’s essential because otherwise i will be wracked with guilt!!!!!!

ok bitch i forgivemyselfbitch okkkkkkk love myself~good job self  !!!!!!!!!

also there’s this guy at work who keeps flirting with me and i just run away giggling i’m so bad at flirting, but now probably everyone at work knows that i tried to kill myself multiple times so maybe he won’t flirt with me anymore LMAO i’m dying laughing

but it’s cool i’m an open book i let everyone know everything if they ask lol

i have so much love in my heart for everyone rn love u all love everyone in the world at some level except i guess the bad people

but what IS morality??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/


or IS IT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/



most people are goooood even the mean ppl love everyone and treat everyone with a basic level of kindness <3 drink water everyone eat some bomb ass food and love urself










i think i’m manic lol 

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  1. Agreed with the comment about treating everyone with kindness.

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