Two broken souls

We were, broken.

Somehow we pieced reach other together. We laughed and we screamed. We made up to broken even more. We couldn’t resist each other but We couldn’t be happy with each other. We’d argue and scream and fuss. Then we’d make love like we’d never see each other again. 

You were my drug and I was yours. Our passion was real and our inner hate was obvious. We needed each other for our own selfish reasons. You were my happiness when I couldn’t find any inside. I was your elixir when your pride got the best of you. 

The day I could no longer be that relief was the day you broke my heart. 

The yells turned into violence. The screams turned into fear and your presence was extremely draining. 

I am now a part of your misery and your energy showed me but I just couldn’t leave. I loved you too much and loved being “loved” at least I thought.

i loved being broken and I loved you.

But You broke my soul

my heart

… my spirit


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