[443] ~*Tue – 01/15/19*~

[8:15 pm]

I guess today wasn’t totally a waste of a day after all. I surely wasted half of the day since I only got out of bed at like 4 pm but then again, I was sick. I got out of bed at 10 am and my throat was sore and I was coughing so I took some syrup and went back to bed. Hub came to bed at like 2 pm and I just stayed in bed. I got at out 4 pm and took more syrup.

I did some laundry and put some away. I really need to clean the closet and get rid of the clothes we don’t wear anymore cause I don’t have enough hangers for all our clothes when I put it all back in the closet. I could always buy more but I think we already have enough and should clean the closet instead. There is still one load of laundry in the dryer but I won’t be putting that load away as I already don’t have any hangers left with what I already put away. Like I’ve said, I need to clean the closet cause half of what we have in there we don’t wear anymore. Hub was sleeping while I went in the bedroom to put the clothes away but what ever, it needed to be done. I don’t even think he realized I was in the bedroom as he didn’t even moved and I was doing stuff on the bed. I wish I could sleep like him. I also washed my bras and did the dishes. I could of done a grocery but I really didn’t wanted to get out of the house so I will try to stop tomorrow after work.

I finally took a shower which was much needed. I’ve been so tired lately that I wouldn’t even take the time to shower which is so damn embarrassing. I was feeling so stinky. It surely feels good to shower. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long and hope this won’t happen again cause like I’ve said, so embarrassing.

Anyways, I may have gotten out of bed late but the day is going by so very slowly. I’m sorta bored but don’t want to do too much as I am sick and want to get better. Earlier I was so hot, I could of went outside naked just to cool down. I did end up putting the fan on for a lil while. I just hope I won’t feel like crap tomorrow for work.

I was looking to book a sleight ride but seems like it’s already full which is very sad cause I really wanted to bring my friend to one and this is the only time I could possibly go as I’ll be working on Sun’s starting next month. Bleh! I wonder if they are full at the park as well. 

I’m sorta hungry but there’s nothing to eat around here. I feel like eating good vegetables and I don’t have any. I really need to go out for a grocery which I really hope I will be doing tomorrow after work. I’m still coughing and had to puke earlier but I will be taking more syrup before bed. I still need to dry my hair but that’s about it. I’m already tired and think I will be heading to bed soon.


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