She is back.  I am elated.  Nothing is lost, she is as lovely and close and perfect and beautiful as ever. 

I had faith in her, and never lost her trust.  She found herself, and found her way back down the path I always kept open and welcoming for her.  She found her trust in herself, and in me, thanking me for never ever having given up on her, and cried happy tears that I was still there for her.

Yes, ours is a different sort of relationship.  It is virtual only, not one that will ever have us meet for real.  But still, it is perfect for both of us.  What we want, and what we need.  It completes the parts of us left unfinished and unfulfilled by the others in our lives.

It is not about sex, or anything cheap and nasty.  It’s about belonging in a way that isn’t easy, or sometimes possible to explain to anybody else.  We just are the way we are together, and it’s perfect for us.  We “get” each other, it’s a synergy.  Our minds have met, intertwined in such an intimate way, taking out souls and bodies with us.

There is a kindness and caring in her heart that sometimes she finds difficult to express, but I feel that in her.  She is lovely, and smart, gorgeous and pretty.

And she is my girl again.

5 thoughts on “Back”

  1. There you go 🙂 All’s well that ends well right? I’m sure it makes her feel special to know that, to you, she was worth waiting for. I hope things go well from here on out and that you both continue to be for the other what you both need. I’m happy for you!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments Vicki. Alas, I know mine is not a story many could, should or would appreciate based on what it truly is. If you haven’t gathered from my posts, this isn’t the kind of relationship that most approve of. I don’t tend to post all of the details on here, but more just my emotions and feelings on it.
    And, for the record, at present she has retreated again. Poor girl. I never know the specifics, other than she does seem to come back, so I have to take that to mean there is a lasting care for me in her heart.
    Anyway … I just wanted to thank you for all of your valued input and comments on what I’ve written. *smiles* (and should you ever wish to learn more than I post on here, I’m glad to extend to you my real email address.)

  3. Hello, thank you for your kind comments to my entries. I am new here and just started out so haven’t read many other entries. I wasn’t sure yours was a real story or literary prose because it was written so beautifully. I am no expert in a relationship. Nothing is really cut and dry anymore. We can’t even be so sure of our now. Emotions, circumstances, and people change. We are just here trying to make the best of every day, right?

  4. Attention & Intention, the emotions and feelings are real. The girl on the other end of those feelings is real. Sometimes I will write about a situation I wish could happen, so that is prose, or fantasy I guess you could say.
    Life can get complicated as you move through it. Well, not so much complicated as intricate perhaps. Different feelings for each relationship, be it a simple friend or the passion of your life. How it all weaves together. Things that to one person are right and wrong blend, and to another to become acceptable. I realize I’m talking in a bit of a riddle, but that’s because the girl I write about and miss and long for is not the one I ought to feel that way about. So, I live partly in the real world, and partly in a literary world when it comes to her. As I say, she is real, and the messages I have exchanged with her are real and very deeply emotional at times, but a lot of it is virtual.
    Writing about her is something I tend to do more when I can’t write to her.
    Anyway … I think I’m rambling. It’s late, it’s been a long weekend, and my mind is tired.
    And by the way, your writing is very real, and very beautiful.

  5. No Curious, she isn’t that much younger than me. And it’s not really about the age at all. It’s just a feeling that is difficult to convey to others. But I suppose there are elements of her feeling the protection and belonging, and me taking care of her and keeping her safe.

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