Not going to be the one.

He won’t ever be the one to 

look at me and tell me I’m beautiful

have a hard time keeping his hands off of me 

stand up for me and not talk down about me. 

Tells me he misses me and just wants to see me 

who is in that mood set where he just wants to be around me and do things with me.  

Show me off or be proud to be with me. 

Tell me he thinks I look nice when I get dressed up.  

He wont ever be the one who grabs me on our hike and holds me while we sit in silence and enjoy the view  

Someone that is so attracted to me I can’t help but feel good about myself.  Feel sexy and pretty

just let go with me 

why never.  How do I feel like it’s not just me and I am good enough.   I believed I was once.  

One thought on “Not going to be the one.”

  1. I’m so sorry he’s not all that to you. Because you’re right, he should be. Your list … it’s beautiful. It’s painful and bittersweet, but it is a very lovely list. Those things … all of them, I feel them for the one that is most special to me. And in that I feel guilty that I should have those feelings, and you don’t.
    Maybe … one day soon. Never give up hope, always have faith. You deserve his love.

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