[444] ~*Wed – 01/16/19*~

[10:00 am]

Seems like it’s super early to start writing but I’m already bored. I’ve received one call so far and already worked my 10 emails. I need to call someone but can’t yet as it’s too early. I have a feeling this is going to be another LONG DAY. I keep coughing and it’s quite annoying. I sorta want to go to the Casino for supper but don’t know if I should. I have no idea if my friend is feeling any better. Mom’s friend has $20 on her card that I didn’t play on Mon so I was thinking that I could go do that today. We shall see. 

My sleep wasn’t too too bad but I had a hard time when I first got in bed cause I kept coughing. I just hate being sick. I did manage to finish the book I was currently reading. I was tired and wanted to sleep but I just had to finish the book before sleeping.

[3:06 pm]

Arg! I knew this was going to happen, that I shouldn’t of wrote to the person in charge of the schedule now as they messed up my schedule as they scheduled me to work next Sun. I have mentioned TWICE that I needed the change to happen in Feb. Why is it so hard to get what I ask for. Bleh! I thought I was doing them a favor by letting them know in advance but nope.

Anyways, my nose is so damn itchy right now as someone put some cheap ass cologne on and my allergies are acting up. I’m also still coughing and I feel miserable. Two more hours to go. I still want to go to the Casino tonight but I’ve called my friend twice and no answer. I will call her back on my next break. 


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