[445] ~*Thu – 01/17/19*~

[9:48 am]

I didn’t have time to write last night so might as well do it this morning as I have some time. I haven’t gotten a call yet and I’ve already worked my emails which I’m trying really hard not to over do some anymore.

I went to the Casino by myself last night just to play mom’s friend $20. I played $10 in a game and took out $20 and $10 in another one but lost that one. Still not bad, I made myself $20 which I didn’t even cash in. I kept it on a ticket for next time when I want to play. Haha! I could of played it all but I decided to control myself and not just spend it all.

I finally went out and did a grocery which I shouldn’t be allowed to do cause I spent freaking $200 as I hadn’t done one in ages. I was just hungry and buying everything. I’m also very disappointed in Walmart as it’s where I do my grocery and they have changed things. They don’t seem to make the BBQ pork chops that I loved so much. They also don’t seem to carry their own brand of pop anymore. They don’t carry the yogurt I normally buy. Everything I enjoyed they have stopped carrying and it’s quite upsetting. 

I got home, I took all the grocery in, cleaned up the fridge and pantry which I seem to be doing once a year. There was so much expired stuff in the pantry, I basically threw out everything. Some stuff even dated from 2017 which I don’t really understand as I’m sure I clean it once a year but oh well. Next I need to clean the freezer as there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be thrown in there as well. I actually still have a bag of garbage in the bottom of my freezer that has been there for like two years now. I had told myself I would get it out this morning and completely forgot about it. I need to write myself a note so I don’t forget next time. 

After bringing in the grocery, cleaning up the pantry, putting away the grocery and preparing the garbage for this morning, I was very pooped. I headed to bed it was barely 9 pm but I chit chatted with hub for almost an hour. When he finally got up, I had the intention of playing on my farming game and then reading but that surely didn’t happen as I fell asleep. I woke up at like 11 pm and wanted to read but I was way too tired so I took my pill and slept for the night.

My sides are in so much pain from all the coughing I’ve been doing. I had to puke some mucus last night and it was very painful as my ribs were already sore form the coughing and I had to cough even more to get that mucus out of my throat. I’m hoping this cold will take away the mucus situation with it but I know better than that. I really need to make an apt with my doc. I also REALLY need to make an apt with the hairdresser cause my hair is such a darn mess. I just can’t believe I’ve let it get THIS bad. I just need my schedule to settle down so I can start scheduling things. Which I just remembered, I need to call the garage as my car needs its safety and the other car needs an oil change. Arg!


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