Soulard homeless invasion to my neighborhood & south city! DANGER

I was walking to the bus stop on Grand from my house.  A man riding a red bicycle was heading towards my house (west).  I waved and said hi.  I don’t know him, but I”m friendly like that sometimes.  He eventually turned around and rode back the way I was (east) and pulled his red bike over.  This dude said he knew me from Sts. Peter and Paul.  Um, I don’t recognize him  or know him, so I said when.  He said dinner.  Um, no.  I didn’t say no though.  I asked him where he lives.  He said south county.  I live in south city.  Soulard, where Sts. Peter and Paul church is (which is a free meal provider) is very far from south city!  Soulard is almost downtown, very far from southside.  Anyway, I think he was lying about living in south county.  I just do. Anyway, I think his name was Darren or something like that because he asked my name. IDK.

Then, I had to stop and rest for a while (I have physical health problems and chronic pain) before I got to the bus stop. I sat there for IDK how long as my phone was stolen December 20th and I don’t own a watch. I was reading a journal of mine and adding notes sometimes and thinking, at times, what a dipshit I am or how naive I am or something. Hindsight is 20/20.

I get to the bus stop @ Grand & Delor, going northbound for the 70 bus. Um, here comes homeless prostitute Ann, who lived with Vincent C. in a vaco (vacant, abandoned building) in Soulard and I guess, from her telling me & I didn’t ask, she was his live in girlfriend who bought him beer and cigarettes. OK. I had no idea they even lived together at all. I had no idea they had sex. I didn’t know anything! Wow. This was going on while he was trying to pull me and professing his love to ME! Oy vey.

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