Today was a good day!

I had five classes today, which was tiring, but also cool. It’ll probably get much less enjoyable once I actually start doing *real* things in the classes, but today was fun.

The view from my new calc classroom is amazing– you can see so far across campus from all the windows. My calc professor is also a very nice dude. His TA is also really nice (and has cool handwriting).

CS lab was easy today, which probably won’t be the case in the future, but at least the building it’s in is really pretty.

CS class was fun! We didn’t actually do much, because our professor was just making the point that there was a lot we had yet to learn about Java, but his dry sense of humor is super cool and I love it.

Physics recitation was just a test/survey on the topics our TA wants to know how much we know about. I’m dreading the next recitations since I hate having to work with other people, and that’s what recitations are all about… but I can tough things out.


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