[446] ~*Fri – 01/18/19*~

[9:32 pm]

I ended up spending more money on food last night as I bought more stuff when I went out to do my client’s grocery. As if I hadn’t bought enough the day before. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as we do eat the food and don’t throw it out. I really want to work on not eating out so much, especially when I’m working cause I hate having to go out to get some food. I also need to work on making my lunches the night before as I don’t have time in the morning. If I can get into a routine of making my lunches at night I should be fine but it’s to get into the routine. 

I also went to Costco to fill up the car. Now I just hope it will be all good when I take it in for its safety which I still need to book.

I’m so pissed at my main job right now and the more it’s going, the more I will regret leaving the store as I’m scared to be stuck. I know I took the right decision as far as leaving the store cause my body just couldn’t handle it anymore but I’m scared that my main job may go down. They are just always screwing people over with their paycheck and it’s quite annoying to have to fight for your money. We received our pay stub yesterday and there was a line up at HR cause they pretty much screwed up everyone’s paycheck. They sorta explained one part of my issue which I will let go but they haven’t paid me for Christmas nor New Year which I want them to pay me. I have taken this job cause I was finally getting paid for Holidays and they aren’t even paying me. I had to explain myself and they didn’t seem to understand. This company is based in another country and they should really learn our laws. I’ve explained my situation and was told he would check with the workforce which he put me on the email he sent and he misunderstood me big time. All he said isn’t what I said AT ALL. I’m just pissed. I wrote a long email reexplaining myself and it better get somewhere cause I want my money. I hate waiting for things to be corrected, I want to know when I’ll be getting this money as I’m not getting it on my paycheck. I was excited about this paycheck as it was meant to be bigger as I was meant to be paid two Holidays since I hadn’t been paid for Christmas on the last paycheck but nope, my pay is actually smaller than what I normally get. Arg! I also still haven’t heard back about working on this upcoming Sun which is in two darn days. I’ve talked to the guy in person, emailed twice and talk back in person today and still nothing. Come on! This is very frustrating and I’m not impressed at all. I’ve talked to another guy which I have emailed before leaving work and he said he would email me back.

I went out to the club with my client and I was just in a very pissy mood. I really didn’t wanted to be there. I was sleepy, hot, had a headache and just pissed off. There’s a lady that always sits beside me and talk, talk, talk and rubs my back and play with my hair and what not and I just couldn’t handle her today. It was too much, I was boiling inside. All I wanted to do was sit there and read my book. She finally left me alone but still, I really didn’t wanted to be there.

I got home and was glad to see that hub took the time to wash the suggies kitchen cause I really didn’t wanted to do it tonight. I’m looking at the pile of dishes and it’s driving me crazy. I want to do the dishes but I’m way too tired to be doing it. I’ve been so very tired lately. I got home last night, ate and watched a show and pretty much went to bed after that. I was in bed it wasn’t even 9 pm. Mind you I read until almost 11 pm but still.

I went to the mail on my way back home and gosh, I got the water bill and it’s freaking $10 less than what we normally pay. I mean, it’s good that I am paying less but it’s just to show how I’ve been neglecting myself as I haven’t been showering like I normally do so I’ve used way less water than normal. I’m ashamed of myself. I really need to start taking care of myself. If I can just finally get those two darn days off. Which talking about days off, I still don’t know about Sun and I better have it off cause I’m meant to take my client to the movies on that day which he still hasn’t texted at what time I should pick him up. I guess at very worse I can go work but leave an hour early or something. I better have it figured out tomorrow.

I had told myself I would prep my lunch tonight but I really don’t think I will be doing so as I don’t feel like doing anything right now. I still need to feed the suggies and that sounds like enough work for tonight. I would head to bed now but I want to play on my farming game a bit so I guess I shall watch an episode of something while I do that and then head to bed.



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  1. I hope you get things sorted with HR, that sounds so very frustrating. Meal planning is one of my goals this year, I buy to much convenience foods to have during the working hours which becomes quite costly. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the evening! I hope you get your Sunday off and have a lovely day .. 🙂

  2. @Reflective_Echo; Thank you so much for the comment. I totally agree with you, not enough hours in the evening, that’s for sure. I did end up working today (Sun) but everything worked out for the best and now I will have two days off in a row. FINALLY!! I’m looking forward to it.

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