I wonder if the party is over

My work is pretty strict in their IT and one of the guys asked me what kind of tablet I have. I do not want them seeing these posts because it is so personal. Let alone talking about medical, I mean my username afterall.
I was told they are more invasive than normal because someone stole money, I did not like that this someone made them trust others less. There is a clear distinction between financial and a journal.
In other news, I am finally succeeding at the gym! I go every m/w/f and get 30 minutes of cardio, some lifting and self care. It does help my mood, but I still feel the need to be alone every now and again. I do not think that will change it is who I am.
The happiness program is finally starting to make sense, it is not organized very well but I can find what I need. This month is self knowledge. I feel like I have tried many things and learning to go with the flow is key. People understand that, when you say zen or Taoism though…that is a stretch here.
Once I get the fitness flowing, all will improve from there.

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