No news is good news…maybe there is news

I like to pretend I don’t have drama. It’s more like I try not to cause drama. 

Anyways… god’s son father is dating my ex’s boyfriends soon to be ex wife. That is a mouthful I know. 

It kinda bothers me because I am the last to know. On well it is that way sometimes! 

This is my year. I just know it. 

  1. I will buy a house. 
  2. Get in to graduate school. 
  3. Continue to establisth better relationships with family in friends
  4. Travel to Hawaii 
  5. Find true LOVE! 


I am not pregnant. 





One thought on “No news is good news…maybe there is news”

  1. hoping to foster better relationships with family and friends myself xoxox hope you end up going to hawaii~it’s breathtakingly beautiful <3

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