He didn’t like him anyway.  After he was dumped, he looked towards the sky and thanked the stars.  He was off the hook, after all.  It’s not to say that the gentlemen in question was without redeeming qualities.  For example, he was very thoughtful, planned things like dinners and dates with a real zeal.  He asked Jake about his day and really did care about the response. . . But he was controlling.  And jealous.  And all with an heir of real passive aggression.  So when the call came, it was a relief to our poor Jake, for he was beginning to feel the pressure of expectation.  And that really was the pits. 

It did seem the universe smiled upon our Jake Foster often, much more than most.  As much as things sometimes went awry, they always were knocked back on course, with little or no effort from our hero.  At times it appeared he had someone. . . or something. . . watching him.  He made mistakes, it is very true.  And he was extremely selfish and self-centered.  But the real triumph in it all is that our Mr. Foster recognized and identified these qualities within himself, he could see them very clearly… and that ladies and gentlemen, is a battle half won towards change.

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