Late Night

Today I finally finished moving into my new place. I had a lot of stuff, more than I realized. So I donated a lot of things, a lot, a lot, mostly clothing, and I sold a few pieces of furniture. I wanted to down size.
Plus, I really love this building. 

I spoke to my fiancé, (omg I get to say it lol) in the morning [Japan time], and then again an hour ago because it was his lunch time. I miss him so much 🙁 He’s planning on coming for a weekend stay in two weeks. 

Mostly because we are getting our wedding preparations underway. We both want a small private wedding. I always wanted an intimate wedding. But It’s kind of hard to plan our wedding because he doesn’t have his family. He doesn’t have anyone he can call family really. He has his bestfriends though, and they are like family to him. I’m hoping they can all come, for sure his six bestfriends are definitely coming, and its really important for me too that he have his crew there with him. 

Its kind of a rush, because our wedding is in the summer time and in Connecticut where all of my family is from (and where I was born). So I’m just finding out what a nightmare it is to find a venue. . . ugh.  We’re getting married in 6….7 months,.. at the end of July. So my mom suggested I hire a wedding planner because there is no way I can get everything ready in that time span while also being a full time student. And this is my final semester, I’m graduating soon! However I was thinking if our wedding is going to be small that maybe I could handle it on my own. Its probably going to be less than 50 people. I mean…. our guest list is ….shit i have no idea lol.  But the most challenging part is planning a wedding that is to take place in Connecticut, while Im living in  California, and my fiancé lives in Japan. This is giving me a serious headache.  Ok I probably don’t want to think about this while its 1:30 AM … I don’t feel like getting a panic attack. lol 

Any who, I’m staying up until 2 am so I can talk to my love again. I don’t have school tomorrow so I’m fine. 

But, thats been my day. Goodnight.


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