Love for family whom I never knew, but contributed to making me.

I am absolutely in love with finding family. 
You will always find me on Ancestry, 23andme, ETC… LOVEEE
I’ve uploaded DNA everything. I have found so much family.

My father did not know his father’s side of the family. Not even a name. 

I found his half sister and with help with cousins ON HIS FATHER’S SIDE. 
This had been an odd feeling. I never knew I’d even be able to help find them. 

So close. I know he may never meet him and in a way he doesn’t want to meet him. (a lot behind that, but HEY… It’s there. 

I love to hear stories and the secrets and finally figuring who secret father’s are. (Even on my mother’s side with my great, great grandmother. 
My great aunt was a burlesque. You can find her all over the net! It’s pretty insane. You can even find her movie where she IN FACT twirks on the wall. I died laughing! SO crazy!!

She helped family so much from what I heard. I only knew her old. I love all this. Some people say, “Why would you want to know so much from the past?”

Why not? Why wouldn’t I want to know who started the line that led to me and to my children. Every step all of them made.. every story. Still help make me.

I LOOOOVE it. Cannot get enough.
I’ll even post a photo of my aunt. May delete it later.  

It’s not showing. I guess that’s a sign!

One thought on “Love for family whom I never knew, but contributed to making me.”

  1. I got a 23 and me kit for Christmas and still haven’t done it and sent it off. I don’t know why I haven’t done it…maybe tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what all it tells me. Just another thing we have in common…I am very into family history and started a book years ago…like 25 years ago and have gotten pretty far with it. It’s just so weird to look at the names and to think that without that one person, I wouldn’t be who I am. What makes me sad about it is that a few generations from now I will just be a name on someone’s family tree. That really makes me sad. It makes me want to really get to know each person that is part of me being here…like I owe that to them.

    I don’t see how someone could NOT want to know where they came from. It’s like a saying I wrote in the front of my ancestry book. It says, “How can we know who we are if we don’t know where we came from?”…or something like that.

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