Still working on this.. 😉 

Sitting in wait in a silent room,

glaring at a bright screen alone,

Wondering will you return my message?

I’ve always longed for what you hide,

even the things that have haunted you inside,

we’re family after all; I could forgive your secrets.

Rummaging for a name never heard before,

maybe what you know will make us sore,

break our hearts in two or more,

so maybe it’s a good idea you leave it vacant,

delete it all and don’t call,

do what you have done best,

and just let me fall,

I’ve come to learn how to pick up the pieces.

However, there’s someone who’s always been conjointly alike,

Never been a doubt I couldn’t count on her time,

I fear the day she sheds her skin,

For that day we lose a mixture of strength and compassion,

For that woman is mother and father,

For she the hybrid we see all too often,

that can’t be replaced by your presence belatedly,

for after she’s gone,

even if I had what was left of your absence,

she you could never replace,

because she knew from the start,

what had significance right away.

One thought on “Hybred”

  1. My favorite part of this is…”I’ve always longed for what you hide. Even the things that have haunted you inside.” That’s good because I always say that nobody can never completely know someone else because they can’t see what is going on in their mind. My husband and I have been married for 32 years but I feel like there’s a whole part of me that he still doesn’t know…my secret thoughts. Does that make sense?

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