Oh, what a life!

         Recalling things that happened this week, hmm… Nothing that interesting, really.
          I’ve been home alone for the last week or so and will be for the next month. I barely sleep at night because of being the scaredy cat I am. Every little sound just makes me jump. So I just play something in the background till I fall asleep at 2 or 3 in the morning. Ugh. I hate the house being so empty. My sibling rarely comes home due to being so busy with uni stuff, so I find myself eating dinner alone in front of the TV watching Impractical Jokers almost nightly lol. Oh, what a life. 
          It’s fun being completely by myself the first couple days then it just becomes so lonely and boring. I kept inviting people over or call them to go hang out even just for a few hours. I didn’t wanna keep messaging everyone and be a bother though.. I’m probably that one friend who keeps blowing up their phones the whole day haha. So needy.
For the first time ever, I went to watch a movie, Glass, by myself this week. I don’t know, I just never felt comfortable going on my own to the movies, or anywhere really. It was actually fun. Picking the movie that “I” wanted, no one next to me asking questions, and of course having the popcorn all to myself lol. I also started doing a little bit of meditation and yoga daily again. My mind was definitely cleared because I fell asleep during meditation a couple times already haha! So, no, it’s not going that great. 
          Embarrassing story of the week. You know how snapchat notifies the person when someone has screenshot their stuff? Well, I was watching this one (hot) guy’s story and he was saying something. I couldn’t hear much so I wanted to increase the volume. I have the newest iPhone, and I was holding it where my fingers were at the volume button and the lock button, which were the two you need to take a screenshot -_-. Of course, me and my dumbass had to do it. I accidentally screenshot it. I just lost my shit. We barely talk, so he must think it’s so weird that I took it. I could say it was an accident, but would he believe that? Lol. My heart just started thumping like those cartoons where you can see the heart popping out. Then my instinct told me to send it back to him and I added “Looking good 👉🏻👉🏻” Oh, Romani🤦🏻‍♀️. After a bit, he replied, “you could’ve just asked, i have better looking pictures if you want lmao.” I just laughed and disappeared like a fart in the wind.
          I cleaned the entire backyard the other day, took me the whole day. Fifty percent of the time was probably spent on me trying to get rid of this one dead bird I found behind a bush. Ewww. My number one fear is birds! I don’t know why, lol. I don’t like them and am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. We just always disliked each other. Not my proudest moment, but I got it done—I was shrieking and hyperventilating the entire time while power walking from the yard to the trash by the front gate with this deceased, motionless, tiny creature in my dustpan. Wuss.
          Other than that, I’m still job hunting, going to interviews, and other boring stuff. I would say it was somewhat a productive week to start off February. I think the most fitting quote for this week in every situation  would be…
“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong”     (yes, including the dead bird incident)
Best wishes, 

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