polyglot fam.

I had a great weekend.

I hung out with my girl Elke, who I hadn’t seen for a few months because she moved home to Germany for a bit, but now she’s back in Berkeley. Friday night we went out to dinner and then hit the bars, it was so much fun. I met up with my friends Andrew and Rebecca also, which made it even better. I got home around 2 and missed a call from my love because I was passed out. 🙁 

Today I didn’t get to talk to him because he’s moving to a new apartment, so he was busy all day. 

Monday I have my first Japanese ‘class’. I’m taking private courses and also online tutoring. I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult for me because of my Chinese. A fun fact about me is that I I am fluent in Mandarin. My nanny was from China and I’ve grown up with her since I was three years old. I started studying Chinese when I was five years old because my parents always believed that it was an ‘important language’ to have knowledge of. I continued studying for the next ten years. And in high school I took classes up until my sophomore year as well. Also around this time my beloved nanny “tita” (as I called her since I was little) retired and moved back to China. She sadly passed away in 2016, but I’m still close to her daughters and son whom I grew up with. I know Japanese is not the same language by far, but because I’m no stranger to vocal and tonal demand of language, I hope that might help me out in the long run. I mean kanji!! Its already saving my life.

I’m also fluent in Russian and it was actually my first language, not English. My parents are Russian immigrants, so it was important for them that I learn and speak the language. All of my cousins in Connecticut (where my uncles/aunts/cousins/relatives all immigrated to from Russia and live) also speak Russian, so our family holidays are a combination of Russian-English conversations. In total I am fluent in Russian, English, and Chinese, but I can understand some conversational Spanish. 

Now that I think about it, my baby speaks a few different languages himself. His first language wasn’t even Japanese, it was Swedish! He learned Swedish first, and his father taught him and his siblings Japanese. He didn’t even learn English until he started primary school. He moved to Japan when he was twelve and only then did he fully master it. And he’s fluent in Spanish, he even lived in Mexico for a year studying the language. 

I’d like our babies to be able to speak a handful of languages too. They’re going to learn Japanese first obviously, and English, but I’d like them to speak a little Russian too. Since they’re going to have a Russian mother. 

Anyway, its only 9:30 but I’m spent. Going to sleep early tonight.



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