Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?

I know you are aware from my increasing tumbles onto the floor.

Your constant backfire leading to my demise,

When all you need to do is change the oil.

Doctors say stress will kill you,

it’s scarier that you’re aware.

I wonder if this is what you want?

I wonder if you even care?

You say you don’t want yelling,

when there is peace it’s as if I’m not there,

I see your age doing more and being grateful for less,

 your self-entitled ego that’s fed by your own blood tells you that you deserve more,

you get straight F’s while owning every electronic to exist,

still believing it isn’t fair.

You take all you can with not even a blink of empathy,

for what you want you will get.

not because we allow it, but because if we don’t; someone will.

If you don’t see what’s depraved with that,

then you’re part of the defeat,

Of what’s left of morals, humility and integrity.

Ohh.. just in a mood this morning from a horrible start. -_-


13 thoughts on “Leeches”

  1. Oh dear, I can feel your anger and pain in this, and how little your are appreciated.
    I can only hope your day gets better and your mood does too.

  2. I broke down.. I’m hoping for the day to just be calmer, but my teenagers are not home yet…
    Games are unplugged. Not gonna go over well.

  3. Be strong. They may not appreciate it now, but they will later, when they realize what you truly give them.
    I’m sorry you broke down, we all have a limit.
    Chin up though, that was then, now you’re back in control. That’s good.

  4. My phone rang and I knew it was the school before even grabbing my phone.
    My 14 year old was kicked off the bus.
    I’m over here emailing every teacher for all his assignments. I’m so over this and the “I don’t have any work to do” bullshit.

  5. Oh dear. I know that certainly wasn’t in your plan today.
    You’re being a good mom by getting his assignments though I know he’ll likely put up a fuss. Good for you.

  6. Well his dad’s side (dad saw him maybe 5 times last year?) told his parents maybe Kole should stay with them.
    Right.. no grounding, no bedtime.. alllll the gaming he wants.
    -_- I can’t make this stuff up!

  7. No. Of course you’re not and that is likely what would happen. Of course kids don’t actually realize what is good for them. Running wild and free and doing what you want all the time at that age isn’t good. He’s better with you whether he likes it or not!

  8. I know he is better with me. I know exactly what he’s doing. I was worse once high school hit, but he’s in the 8th grade!
    I would stay the night with his dad at 15-16… smoke cigarettes.. have sex. Not go to school. Yeah… All under his parents roof! I remember thinking how cool his mom was.

    I’m so sorry, mom!!! LOL I put her through hell.

    No way in hell he is going!

  9. *laughs* so you were the bad girl and do know exactly what he would do! Yes, you want him to do well.
    Did you get his assignments okay? Any idea why he got booted off the bus? Or does it really matter why … just don’t let it happen again.
    It must be so hectic with the 4 kids on your own, especially when one does this type of thing.

  10. And I hope my last comment didn’t offend you. I totally did not intend that!

  11. It didn’t offend me. I’m not alone. I’m married. He just works a lot. lol
    He was booted off for not listening. Just talking loudly honestly…
    No assignments yet, but I imagine it’s because it’s late. lol

  12. Ah, okay. I’m glad you don’t have to do all that on your own! There and then, I’m sure there are times it feels like you just have another kid to take care of. I shouldn’t say that though, I’m sure he helps out a lot when he’s not working.

  13. Oh Lord, what a day that was! I haven’t read ahead so you may have already answered this but, how did it go when they got home and saw that the games were unplugged. Landon wouldn’t have a problem if we took away his Switch or WiiU, but it’s when we take away the Ipad that he flips out. His last two meltdowns were because we took the Ipad. He plays Roadblox on it and that’s where he talked to his “girlfriend”. That’s where all his/our problems were coming from.

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