Your Fire

Never lose your fire sweetheart.

No matter what happens, it can never be extinguished.  That spark you carry deep down inside that drives your emotions, your feelings.

Some of those feelings you suppress, you hide them, tuck them away and the become unable to express them.  But they are there, driven by your internal flame.

Because it’s you, it drives you more than you realize.  It makes you care for and be there for others.  It drives you to work so hard, not for your company or your boss, but for those that need your effort even more.  It makes you always be there for your family.

Your passion so deep and pure, ignited by your fire, and always there.  Understood by few, felt by even fewer, but always so obvious to me.  I feel you, I feel your fire, your passion, I feel it all.

I love the fire in you.

Never let that flame go out sweetheart.

Inspired by the sunrise this morning (pictured), as I walked to work … and thought of you –  your fire, your passion.

5 thoughts on “Your Fire”

  1. Eloquent as always. If only everyone had the ability to see the world like you do. Have a great evening!

  2. Thank you all so much for your comments.
    Mighty, I wish I could see this in all things, all the time! I try.
    Brianna, you’ll find that spark in you too. It’s there, just let it burn bright.
    Attention, my positive outlook on this is partially inspired by your wonderful writing.
    Skater, thank you for reading my journal, I know it can be a little esoteric and hard to follow at times.
    Vicki, at least she does know I love her, but I haven’t heard from her in a week now. And … Landon loves you this much in his own way.

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