Today was such a long day. I worked out with my friend, Elke at 5AM! Something I’m not used to. Then we had breakfast in downtown San Francisco. Then I had my first class at 10AM. After that class I met up with my friend Rebecca and got lunch, then headed back to lab. And my school day ended at 6PM. I want to go to sleep but I can’t because in two hours my baby will get out of work, and I want to talk to him and see him. Even if it is on Facetime, I miss him and he even asked me if it wasn’t too much trouble to please talk to him for a bit. So I’m staying up until then, and figured I might as well update. 

An update on the wedding: I’ve hired a wedding planner! He is based in Connecticut, because thats where the wedding will take place. Since I don’t have time to find fly all the way to Connecticut and see the possible venues he’s listing, he is filming the venues and sending me the videos. lol Its kind of hilarious. At the top of my list is a beautiful victorian mansion with featured gardens, trails, ponds, and land spanning a large wooded area over the hills. Its beautiful. I really want that place but I don’t know if they will have my date open . 🙁 


I haven’t gone wedding dress shopping. But I’m thinking of looking in a few weeks. I just want a cozy little wedding, but my dress is another story! I always wanted a big beautiful ball gown. 🙂



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