What’s your Superpower?

If I could have a Superpower, I think I’d be a Mom.  This likely catches you by surprise, but consider what a mother is and does:

– It doesn’t matter how many kids she has, she loves them all, and she always will.
– It doesn’t matter how many friends the kids bring home, she’s always able to feed them all.
– She doesn’t get sick when the kids get sick, because somebody has to take care of them.
– Even if she does get sick, she powers through it, they never realize how badly she feels.
– She stays up all night when somebody is ill, and still gets to work the next day.
– She’s able to make sure all the kids get to all of their events.
– She’s able to make sure SHE gets to all of the kids important events.
– She can make dinner out of virtually nothing, in the amount of time that is available.
– She can fit grocery shopping into impossible to manage schedules.
– She always manages to have just the right gifts for birthdays and holidays no matter how hectic the lead-up has been.
– And she’s able to get those gifts at a price that doesn’t kill the budget.
– She always seems to be able to come up with whatever is needed, regardless of when payday was.
– On outings, she carries unbelievable amounts of snacks, shed clothing, necessary medication, backpacks, rocks and sticks the kids want to take home, a charged phone in case its needed, drinks, souvenirs, toys, sports equipment …
– She support her coworkers with special little gifts, coffee on the day they most need it, and covering when they have an emergency.
– She helps out at the school when they need something.
– She remember all the names of all the teachers the kids have ever had.
– She packs lunch.
– She’s able to feed the kids breakfast even if they get up 5 minutes before they need to leave the house.
– She gets summer jobs for the kids when they get older.
– She puts up with all her husbands crap even when his day has been nothing campared to hers.
– She takes care of her husband even if she is more ill herself, and he never really knows.
– She gets special things for her man on important days, even when he forgets or is “too tired”
– She deals with temper tantrums and doesn’t get mad herself.
– Hugs are always given regardless of how poorly behaved somebody has been. She has an endless supply.
– She has the patience of a Saint, can sit through any length performance or presentation and make the one giving it think they are the best that’s ever been.
– She works miracles with Band-Aids and simple medications.
– She bakes special cakes for birthdays.
– She remembers all the kid’s friends names. And their birthdays too.
– She organizes special days, and plans for special outings.
– She takes care of her parents when they need it.
– She looks beautiful for parties and special dinners.
– She smiles when it’s most needed.
– She’s always properly dressed.
– Everybody always has their laundry done.
– There are always towels when you take a bath.
– The kitchen, living room, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms always get cleared up even when everybody else is exhausted.
– She never gives up, on anybody, on anything, no matter how tired she is.
– All she ever wants for her birthday is a hand drawn card and a simple craft from her kids, and an hour or two of not being mom, on Mother’s Day.
– She can do things it would take any other human 8 arms to accomplish.
– She can do any number of the above things at the same time, and do that every single day.
– She never complains about being mom.

Most other super heroes only have one or two special powers. But mom does all of those things, and so much more. So that’s what I want to be.

8 thoughts on “What’s your Superpower?”

  1. I love this so much!! The one that jumped out at me was that she deals with temper tantrums without getting mad herself because my husband and I just had a conversation about this. The last meltdown Landon had I asked my husband if he could try to remain calm and be the adult instead of acting as bad as our son was at the moment. But, he can’t do that. He can not remain calm and ends up hollering and acting as bad, if not worse, than our son. I hate that. I can and almost always do remain completely calm. I also love that one about always having a hug for my kids no matter how badly they have been behaving…true! I don’t hold grudges when it comes to my kids. This is another area my husband needs to work on. Thanks for this…I loved it!!

  2. I’m glad you loved it Vicki Gail, you were part of the inspiration for this writing.

  3. I’m so going to have to steal this and keep it forever.

  4. Just so you know MightMommy, just as Vicki inspired this, so did you. Quite a bit, because you’re also a Superhero without a sidekick (significant other they’re called I believe in the real non-super world).

  5. This made me realize how completely unsuited I am at the journey my Master and I are attempting to embark upon 🙁

  6. No, WifePetProperty, that’s not the way to look at it. When you are a few steps into your journey, you too will become that Superhero. Take heart.

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