Why is Gratitude so hard for Americans? So hard for me?
A motivational speaker said “If I died yesterday, and was given 1 more day, this exact day to spend with my coworkers, friends and family, I would be happy today”.
I would be happy, not needing to get my anger out on paper at others ungratefulness, anger and lack of awareness of anyone besides themselves.
I am no mother Teresa, and sometimes my goals, wants and needs conflict with others, even my wife and mother, but I consider them. I think that is the difference, I at least consider them. It is best to ask, but I have found when you are good at judging people, you can on occasion know their needs better than they do.  Wants are hard but needs are more apparent. 

You are 40, you NEED a savings account with something.  You could have just not ordered a coke in any meal and opened an account with that 3-10 dollars. They do not get it until it is too late and they won’t listen, they are prioritizing their wants, when you, outside of their animal nature are looking at their needs.

There is a person, Gretchen Rubin, who seems to understand better than most how people think and interact.  If she told me to quit my job(having all the facts) I would do it, because in this sense, she is better than me.  Perhaps that is it, so many people will not acknowledge that even in one thing, someone is better.

I would say up to this point, people like Gretchen, John Maxwell, are better in general  than me.  They deserve to be listened too and in some ways honored, financially and in others.  I think Americans(I do not know other cultures) think that, at some root, inner level that, given the same circumstance they could do it better.  They choose not to be a PhD or a motivational speaker. The truth is, you/I did not work hard enough, focus enough, and ignoring genetics and family, would not do better even starting exactly as they did.  We are too PROUD.

I need to be humble, grateful, and persevere if I want to be anything like them.  I have to have focus.

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