I know how good you are. I know how much you have to do, to stay on top of, to make sure is done right. You can’t afford mistakes, things must get done properly.

I know how much you take on at home to make sure everything goes right. How hard you work to keep it all together, how much you give of yourself to make others have a good, happy and fulfilled life.

I know what you give to your family, and I know how hard you take it when something is not right in their worlds, and how much you take it on yourself to make it all right again.
I know how much you put up with, when it isn’t fair, it’s not your fault, and you’ve been trying so damned hard.

I know how capable you are, how accomplished you are, how intelligent you are, how much courage you have and I know how very tough you are. It’s part of your beauty.  You are the strongest person I’ve ever known.

But know when you can’t be strong any more, when you reach your limit, when you need to take a break, when you need somebody to be strong for you, and hold you, and not let you fall – I am here. And I will be here for all time.

You will never be alone, and I will never let you fail, or sink.

A day, a month, a year, a lifetime from now … I am yours, always and forever.

6 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. A fall back is what every person needs. Some one who sees how hard you try and then gives you a place to safely fall apart when you need to, and to help put you back together before anyone else notices.

  2. You’d think so … but right now I’m not reaching her at all.
    For some reason at times she isn’t able to handle hearing that I care about her.

  3. I’m so sorry. Did she fall out of contact again? Some times it is hard to hear. It’s easier to block it all out. When someone cares so much about you, it’s easy to return that love…and love can be very painful.

  4. Yes and no, about falling out of contact. Largely yes. But then she fell and tore her arm up. So I’ve been worried. I’ve heard from her most days since last week. Today I asked how things were, and said she was like family to me. She replied “Please stop.” I know from the past sometimes she can’t handle me caring, but I don’t honestly thing it’s that she doesn’t want me to. I think she cares about me too, to be honest.
    Hey … sorry to be loading this on you. And I likely shouldn’t quite be doing it in public like this anyway! I’ve no issue in giving you my email, if ever you should want that.

  5. My thought on this is that she is probably pulling away at times because it’s too hard being that close to someone that you can’t be with. I say this because I have a very good friend who is in this situation. They went to college together and were best friends but then went their separate ways. They went years without any communication at all but several years ago they found each other and on and off have been communicating. However, sometimes it gets so intense because they are like soul mates and having to stop at a certain point in the relationship hurts so bad that my friend will pull completely away for months and even a year once because she can’t handle the pain that it causes. Also, it was affecting the relationship between her and her husband. He is also married but isn’t in a good relationship with her…more like siblings. Sorry this got long but I just wanted to share because your relationship with your friend sounds so familiar. I hope she doesn’t stay out of contact for long. I can tell how much she means to you and how much you need her in your life in some way.

  6. Thank you Vicki Gail. I do hope in many ways that you are right, on the other hand I don’t want to bring stress and upset into her life in any way. As she doesn’t to mine. She told me this time she was stepping back for my sake, and I believe she could only do that if she cared deeply. But I also think she stepped back for her sake. That’s sad, because I don’t think she’s ever mislead me about anything. We were apart for over a year at one time … so nothing is lost. Nothing is ever lost with her.
    You are sweet to take the time to message me and tell me this. Thank you.

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