Dating after 30 Blows

Dating after 30, sucks no matter who you are. Are we doing this? Are we not? is it just sex? Is it more? People after 30 are set in their ways, they are comfortable with their lives and do not want to change them to add someone, I think that the less you have to merge with someone else’s life the easier it is. When you are a women and you are independent good luck. When you are a women and you are able to care for yourself, good luck. When you are a women and you actually put your children first, good luck. They all say this is what they want and then turn around and tell you that they are intimated by you. Seriously!?! I have found that if I portray myself to be less than what I am, I can get further, why? Why can people not be honest, you want a friends with benefits, ok… I could do that, you wants a fuck buddy, ok I could do that, you want a hook up… ok I could do that. Just be honest, do not try to tell me what you think I want to hear to get in my pants and be honest about your intentions and you would get a lot further with me. I am a grown women, and yes women like sex, women are capable of having casual sex, I think more capable then men to be honest. We are able to take the emotions out of it. Believe me, it is not hard. Stop blowing smoke up each others ass and be upfront and honest. That way when I am it is not unheard of. 

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