Dinner with a friend :)

so today has been a lovely day weather wise. The sun 🌞 came out and made me feel a whole lot better. Did it make you feel better? Work went well for me and I managed to smile most of the four hours that I was there! The best part of the day though was meeting my dear friend jo for dinner. We don’t see each other often and we should really make more time for each other but we do our best. So dinner and friendly chat is what it was all about this evening. She opened up about areas of her life and I found myself opening up about areas of my life and it was just a good feeling knowing that we was there for each other. I always like to think I can be there for any of my friends if they need me. The one thing that jo and I have in common is cornwall. I’ve lived there before and she wants to go and live there! So of course I told her about how amazing cornwall is and how beautiful it is and such a laid back way of living. Who knows! Maybe jo and I will continue our friendship down South one day and walk the golden sands together! It’s a lovely thought for me to keep in the back of my mind anyway. So as the steak and onion rings are going down we continue to chat about her lover and how his life is on hold due to past relationships that have messed his head up. It’s sad though because she is so good for him. I’m sure time will tell and if it’s meant to be then it will be. All in all dinner was lovely and it was good  to catch up with  jo. So the picture of the beautiful ballet shoes reminds me of a gorgeous summers day. It’s all the colours and shades of the satin. Goodnight everyone, sleep well 😴

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