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So, after the mess Landon has been in lately emotionally, I was able to get him in to see his pediatric psychiatrist a little earlier than scheduled.  When I woke him up he didn’t want to go and drug around a bit but once he got up he was fine. The whole hour and fifteen minutes it took for us to get there he was saying how he couldn’t believe his “girlfriend’s” dad wouldn’t let them talk anymore, he couldn’t believe she was gone, he misses her…on and on. We were 10 minutes or so late getting there but thankfully they saw him anyway.  I asked to talk to her first by myself so I could tell her what has been going on with him and then she talked to him for a while by himself.  She is trying him on a new medicine for anxiety but he is on the maximum dose of Prozac that he can take.  She also changed his dosage on his sleep medicine because I think a lot of his problem is that he is not getting enough sleep and seems tired all the time.  Normally, he only sees his doctor every two months but she was worried enough that she wants to see him again in three weeks to see how he is doing on the new medicine.  

I’m not sure if we are going to do any school today.  I know we should and need to but neither one of us is feeling it.  He has been asking me to play this online game with him and I think I am going to do that…do something together that he enjoys.  

I just want Landon to be happy.  I want him to feel at peace in his body.  I want him to have friends and even a girlfriend eventually.  I want to feel like I’m doing all that I can do to make all this possible for him.

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  1. sounds like you are doing a lot, and more than enough to me. hope you’re getting some kind of rest in between…

  2. Thank you FreeLife 🙂 My only alone time is usually in the mornings after my husband goes to work and Landon is still asleep. He doesn’t go to sleep at night until 11 or 12, if not later, and so he sleeps late in the mornings. I get up, eat breakfast and drink coffee, do my 40 minute bike (inside exercise bike) ride and then watch t.v. and get on the computer until he gets up.

  3. You have set up a good schedule. Self -care is very important. I’m sure Landon knows he means the world to you. You are such a good mom. He is a lucky kid.

  4. All those emotional problems sound a bit scary, but it’s good to know that the doctor is taking it seriously. You’re doing your best, so don’t worry. The teenage years are often an emotional mess even for neurotypicals, and they tend to be worse for autistic people. I hope your family can go through this tough stage without any major problems, and that what comes next will be better. Keep your hopes up!

  5. Attention and Duckling…you both have no idea what it does for me to come on here and see such sweet and encouraging words. Thank you!! Yesterday and today, well really for the past week, I have questioned my parenting with Landon even though I knew in my heart I had done the best I knew how. Reading someone telling me I am a good mother went straight to my heart. Duckling, yes, very scary!! In the past I have always been able to bring Landon out of a meltdown with a hug and an I love you so it was very scary when that didn’t work. I know he knows how much he is loved and that no matter what he does I will ALWAYS love him. We just do the best we know how to do, right? It would help sometimes if these kids came with a manual lol.

  6. You’re more than welcome! You’re certainly a good mother, have no doubt about that! Parenting a teen is hard enough when he’s neurotypical and not being homeschooled, so I can’t begin to imagine how hard it is for you. But you keep going and don’t lose your hopes or your patience, because you’re an amazing mom.

    When I talked to my mother in Iguazú she said that she had been at a loss with me for many years and that she also wished there had been a manual to tell her how to parent me. I don’t remember my mother ever developing any successful strategy to get me out of a meltdown, unless you count sending me to my room to scream and cry until the physical exhaustion would make me stop…

    PD: I’m still curious about the long comment that didn’t save… 😉

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