He had so so many things to do tonight and then. . . nothing.  He was suddenly abandoned.  He preferred to be surrounded in beautiful men, each showering him with attention and praise, but tonight it was not to be.  

It brought Gabe into the forefront of his mind and his heart again began to ache without the others to distract him.  He thought of him with tenderness as tears formed within his eyes.  

It was a sad existence, living this way, but for now he must utilize whatever means at his disposal to fill the hole in his chest after the fading away of dear Gabriel.  He didnt know what else to do to get through it all, so he managed as best he could and these men were his primary drug. But tonight, it seemed, he would not be receiving his fix. 

He sat on the empty train home, staring his feelings in the face, as the hole within him trembled.  It felt as if it was the darkest and deepest it had ever been before.

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