Some new thoughts about how I want to attempt to live

I have been watching a show called  HOMESTEAD CITY, l want to try 2 programs here that were discussed. First off the tool library. I feel like it would be beneficial for the community to have access to a library that loans tools, camping gear, and has a workshop where people can work on a project that they would not have been able to do at their home. The second program is called NOT FAR fROM THE TREE, fruit trees get registered, people volunteer to pick the harvest, it is divided into thirds one belonging to the🌳 tree 🌳 owner, another third divided equally between the pickers, the last third is donated to a community social agency. I actually realize it will be hard and take a good hustle, but, anything that is great is not easy however it is worthwhile and is worth doing correctly.Hope you’re having a wonderful day today.

2 thoughts on “Some new thoughts about how I want to attempt to live”

  1. Very commendable! Love your ideas! Especially the tool library. I can’t tell you how often I can’t do a project because i don’t have a specific tool. Like, at the moment my toilet rocks but I don’t have a ratchet set to tighten it down…so annoying.

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