Made progress today

A good haircut and some Chinese airpods and something to look forward to.

I am stressed working on my masters degree, in fact right now I am procrastinating but sometimes it feels neccisary.  You have to in order to stop from losing it, there is so much going on that you do none of the things you have to and something you want to do like this stream of consciousness journal it is cathartic.

Going to a nice hotel and a Blackhawks game is going to be great and I need to help make it great for my parents, they did not go to as many games or do alot of the fun things they wanted to do to put me through college.

Aliza is not very helpful on these trips, planning or doing or adjusting. Hopefully the more we do the better she will get.  I suppose she can ground me a bit, if she makes the effort.

Uber to the United Center is going to be expensive but, it will be worth it!  I have to think about what I can do for them…scope out where to eat!

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