His poor heart today.  It was aching for him.

It was the first time in over a decade that he would spend this day alone and the feelings within him overflowed with such a vibrational and upsetting force, it was a surprise to him completely, leaving him grossly unprepared for the emotional challenges of the day.  He thought of the nights they spent together, holding him in bed, feeling his body close, whispering secrets.  It was utterly heart breaking for him, the loss of this purity.  He had poisoned it through selfishness and manipulation, with ego and anger, a vile of black ink, spilled.  The only thing that kept him from falling was imagining his face, in that moment, and he was smiling.  He loved that smile.  He wished him happiness and hoped that on this day, this day for lovers, he would be treated with love, respect, and the tenderness he deserved absolutely.

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