Unconventional V-day

        Imaginably like everybody else, I also have one of those sad, haunting, tragic Valentine’s Day story. Maybe mine is not like the typical ones, but it was definitely unforgettable and special. I still remember every smile I saw, every hug I got, every tear that fell, and every wave goodbye from that very day…Valentine’s Day.
A little background first, as I stated in previous entries, I grew up moving from places to places with my immediate family members—me, my mom, siblings, and stepdad. I still kept in touch with my family and friends, but of course it’s different. We grew apart and lost the closeness with each other over time. So, it was always only just us, which wasn’t a bad thing. They were my whole world because they were all I had since the beginning. But then, that was about to change, when my biological dad decided to petition me to the states. My mom, dad, and everybody else convinced me it was a good thing because I’ll have a brighter future, better opportunities, and it would be good to get to know my dad as well. Since I didn’t have that chance growing up. So, I slowly started packing up since then.
At the time, I was in the middle of my junior year of high school with my best friends for life even to this day. My after school activity was to continue packing little by little before D-Day comes, or actually V-Day. Little by little, I started packing my clothes, unnecessary stuff, and sentimental gifts. But I didn’t really feel emotional then, more of annoyed, exhausted, displeased about having to do it. I guess it didn’t really hit me yet. 
As time passed, V-Day was getting closer and closer and before you know it, it was only a week away. I had to do early final exams for my junior year so I can get the transcript on time. Plus, in the same week, my classmates decided to throw me a farewell party. So, it was definitely a week long of tears from emotional conversations and from studying LOL. Thankfully, everything went smoothly that week, and my list of to-do before leaving was almost done. Then, without delay, the list only had one thing left unchecked—“set alarm for tomorrow’s flight.” 
V-Day finally arrived. It could’ve been any other day of the month, or even of the week. But it wasn’t. It may have been just a sad coincidence. It just happened to be Valentine’s Day. I had to say goodbye to all my loved ones on this holy day then spend the rest of the day alone in my airplane seat sobbing. This was the worst Valentine’s Day ever!
We were at the airport way too early to meet up with my best friends before leaving and to spend time with my family every last minute we have left. We took pictures, had one last meal together, and got last minute life lessons from my mom LOL. Every minute went by like a second. I was there trying to think what else I wanted to tell my loved ones before walking away, and that’s when it really hit me—I’m really running out of time, am about to leave, and am not going to see them again for a very long time. I just bursted to tears, and everybody else followed. We hugged tightly like never before for the last time. There were no more words left other than goodbye as we wept while trying our best to say it with a smile. It was hard, but we had to because we didn’t want to worry each other. 
As I look back at them one last time before going in pass security, my heart felt so heavy that I almost couldn’t walk forward. It made me feel so sad that the last image of them in my head would be when they were waving goodbye with tears in their eyes.
So, for me, this was definitely the most depressing Valentine’s Day I had. It was the day I felt most despaired, heartbroken, and just unhappy. This was my sad Valentine’s Day story. 
Thinking back of that day now, even though it was a truly sorrowful day, I guess everyday has a little good thing in it. I believe I spent that Valentine’s Day somehow the right way. See, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by spreading love. We usually show affection to our loved ones—partners, family, and friends. We use this day to spend extra special time together to honor our love for one another. And in my opinion, that’s exactly how I spent the time with my loved ones on that day.
To everyone out there—single, taken, or anything in between—I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to be with your loved ones who ever that may be for you—your SO, best friends, colleagues, family members, or pets—enjoy it! 
Best wishes,
Romani ❤️

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