Love doesn’t die

Love doesn’t die.

It changes, it evolves. Sadly for some it turns to hate. There is a fine line between love and hate, and sometimes when things get out of control that line is crossed.
But the internal passion is still there.

It doesn’t need to turn that way though, we need to hold that precious feeling in a non selfish and giving way, and it will always feel right and good.

Past loves might fade, or do they really? Do we just tuck them away so deep that they don’t affect us all the time? If we do that, when we check and wonder, the feelings flood back like they were never gone. It can be a dangerous thing to do sometimes. We can get lost for a minute, an hour, a day in those wonderful feelings. Or it can sneak up on us. A song, a vision, even a scent. All of a sudden there is a tear in your eye, and as we realize that it’s there, we also realize why it’s there.

Can love be separated from infatuation, or obsession? Yes. It’s real when we miss the one we love, but we still feel the warmth inside. That’s the deciding point for me, if the one loved isn’t there any more, it isn’t panic, self doubt, or agony. Yes, it’s loss, and it hurts, but as I feel the hurt, and again the tears fill my eyes, I also feel an internal, warm and soul deep smile. Because, in my love, she is still there within and always will be.

No, love doesn’t die.

Love is forever.

5 thoughts on “Love doesn’t die”

  1. If nothing else, at least let those memories bring you comfort. *Hugs*

  2. *smiles* @Mighty …. that’s all I have of her at present. Warm memories.

  3. Memories are great if their good my Mom hates me so I am so happy for you I wish you nothing but happiness

  4. my heart felt something when I read this. beautifully said.

  5. @QueenClune, I’m so sorry that you and your mom are at odds.
    @Ravengomez24, thank you.

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