Life is going to be good

Steve Update 

He chose the other girl. 

I would like to say end of discussion but i will give the details. 

We had dinner he said he thinks they are out and asked me the if question. 

I said yes. 

We speak…I meant texted within 48 hours and he said they are patching things up and they have history. 

After blessing their history, I backed completely out of it. I am done. 

Steve isn’t the father. 


He never called or confirmed his plans for that weekend. Of course, he didnt drive all the way from Texas. 

He is mostly likely depressed and I totally understand that. However, i am not making an effort because I am still rather blown away about his inability to be my HUSBAND AGAIN. 

end of the rant. 


He is mad at me at the moment. 

He thinks i told somone something and I did. But damn. I am sorry. 

Eithe way…I am beginnng to think its some truth to some part of the story. But oh well….its not my business. That too will come out in the wash. 

Hector or Brandon 

Oh….he is the lastest Tinder guy I am talking with.

Its seems like it isnt going to work out. Its Friday night and I am typing in my diary. In hopes of getting up at 7 am and doing some much needed cleaning. 

My little ass was blunt. I told him what i wanted and needed in so many words. Our first encounter isnt one I am ready to discuss. We did not have sex or even touch each other…which was fine by me.

Sticking to my mind next time and meeting in a more neutral area. 


Dear God

I am coming to thank you for the blessings you have given me. I am thankful for my life. In it you have filled it with family and friends. As you know, my heart wants to bear a child with a black man who loves and takes care of me and said healthy child. See be your will Lord God. See it be your will. 

Bridgette ( the one who tries to do right daily). 

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