Needing Advice…

so my best friend, I’ve known since was in first grade has been seeing this guy…And everything was fine for awhile until weeks and weeks went by and I noticed a change in her behavior. She was very unhappy because of his suffocating and jealous nature…he would be very aggressive when she would try to end things, and kept asking me to tell her what to do. Which of course I said to breakup because that seemed to be a horribly toxic relationship. And even maybe I said to breakup also a little selfishly because she was my best friend, and I feel like we were becoming very distant because of how much time she was spending with him. She eventually ended things a couple weeks ago with him….And he then started texting me about the situation and he ended up just basically insulting all the struggles and insecurities I have because I told him he’s.has issues he needs to face….Today I found out she’s back with him, after all the things he said to me and has done to her. I don’t want her out of my life, but I can’t stand him any second longer. What should I do? I’m stuck. 

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  1. I have been in an emotionally controlling situation, everyone told me I deserved better but I had to reach that conclusion myself even though I knew they were logically right, I couldn’t help how I felt and continued going back until one day I was emotionally on the floor and decided to walk and stay away ..
    I guess it will be same for your bestie .. in the meantime I would block him from any communication so he can’t manipulate your relationship with your friend by involving you and if your friend comes to you for advice maybe you can just tell her, you will always be her friend, you will always be there for her, she already knows how you feel about the relationship and you can not give her anymore advice as she has to work through it herself .. you may have to let her go for a while and focus on yourself and your own emotional wellbeing and hopefully in time she will find the strength to walk away from this toxic relationship and you will have the strength to support her with the after effects thereby making your friendship even stronger in the future ..

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