Reflective February

Its been a mixed month, work has been especially frustrating at times, in fact frustration seems to have been my word of the week and I was happy to see the end of it. I’m still working a four day week, it seems that one day off makes a huge difference to the work I’m not getting done but by the end of a frustrating four days I feel in need of a break and entitled to the time off I’ve earned so I am not going to feel guilty for my long weekends which are scheduled until the end of March.

The weekends have been a mix of relaxing, reflective peace and social productivity.

Relaxing: Most evenings have been spent relaxing too tired to do anything else, emailing with a friend or watching a TV show. I’ve been following The Voice on a Saturday, I remember going to see it live with a friend at the TV studios free before it first hit the television screens, at the time the mentors were, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue, and OMG, we were this close *opens arms wide* to Danny lead singer with The Script. Dancing On Ice is also on and one of my all time favourite shows, I’ve always found it a nice way to round of my weekend on a Sunday evening, I have been to see this show live too courtesy of tickets bought by my daughter for Mother’s Day one year.

Reflective: The early part of the month I spent some time reflecting on my memories of my dad including listening to the whole of the War of the Worlds album, I listened to other music which brought back memories, my favourite being on a group holiday to Spain as a teenager practising out a dance routine to The Nolans I’m In The Mood For Dancing.

Peace: Reflecting on my dad brought me a certain amount of peace once again. When he first disappeared from my life, I went through stages of emotions which could be translated into my own grieving process before accepting it and moving on. When I found out about his death I had a hard time processing my emotions partly because I had already processed them so long ago, I never really expected to hear of his death having had no contact for the last 25 years, if anything I always remained hopeful that I may see him again one day .. reflecting on him helped in some way.

Social: I spent a day with a friend who has been modernising her flat for the longest time and has caused her a fair amount of stress along the way. I’d heard all about it and spent many a day going into furniture shops with her and such but it was the first time I’d actually been to the flat. Finally she is getting ready to move in so I spent the day with her cleaning out new kitchen units, hanging curtains and other furnishings and helping to bring some organised order to the chaos of her mind. I had a couple of shopping trips out to Westfield’s and Watford, bought a couple more jumpers and a nail colour set with my vouchers, feeding mats for the kitties and some pegs for the spring laundry that I can feel in the air, after all the easter eggs are already lining the supermarket shelves and the UK has just had a couple of sunny days which broke winter weather records.

Productivity: I have been writing a weekly agenda to try and be more productive as it seems so easy for me to lose focus, so far I haven’t managed to complete the weekly agenda but I have been more productive, defrosting my freezer, cancelling my union subscription, decluttering the home, I gave another bag of clothing to the H&M recycling project and donated unwanted books and DVD’s to work.

Time to take a peaceful stroll whilst reflecting on the scene ahead and the productivity of the errands I shall run. Who knows I may run into an acquaintance and take time for a social chat whilst resting my feet in one of the many coffee shops about town.

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  1. I used to work 4 days/ week 10 hrs a day. I feel the same way. Not sure how many hours a day you work but it’s sure nice to have a long weekend every single week. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m contracted to work 40 hours over 5 days, at the moment I am using up the rest of my annual leave before the end of March, hence the long weekend .. once the new working year starts in April, I will be back to a 5 day week .. its amazing how much one little day can make a difference .. πŸ™‚

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