journal 3/3/19

I’ll be glad when it warms up. It’s been cold. It’s already March but sometimes feels like January. My anxiety problems are some better but I tend to worry too much. I try to stay in the moment but it does not always help. But at least it’s better and my appetite is much better. 

I was knitting last year and before I had my severe anxiety. Now I’m trying to paint. I’m not great at that but at least it helps me not to think about myself as much. Keep the frontal cortex in use and that worry and anxiety diminish for awhile. Whatever I have done the last couple of months has helped. 

I hope I can head back to the woods in May. I feel so good there. Almost normal. Mind over matter. Well I have issues I can’t solve. Morbid worry won’t make it any better, so I have to use my coping skills.

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