I know what this is…

I read everyones journal entries and I feel as though they do not know the point of this.  It is not to inform the reader, it is catharsis.  Get it out, think things through, save your thoughts for a year from now.

I respond to some posts, sometimes from a very informed place and yet they do not want to hear what I or anyone else has to say, then why make it public?  People want to be heard, acknowledged but the truth is, random people do not care.  Why should they take an interest in your life when they have their own as well as their friends and family?  You need to build a relationship first before you ask their opinion.  You won’t even care what their opinion is until you know them a bit.  Even if they are a psychologist when you talk about your moods or an olympian when you talk about fitness, why should they care?

Life is about relationships, mine are lacking, but mainly because I kind of like solitude.  It is a tough balance to build and maintain a friendship when you prefer to go home a do your own thing.

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