We Have To Start Somewhere.

With some encouragement from those in my class, I *think* I’m going to attempt to build a life coaching business and blog. I LOVE to read and self help stuff has always been my go to. From careers, to relationships, to inspirational stories and how to be more happy/resilient/calm/etc. Combined with my experience and my love of writing and helping people, who knows, maybe I have a shot! What I know is that these people see me as I am, broken bodied but fierce spirited and they believe in me. So, I’ve started. Playing with names and trying to narrow down my niche’ and target audience. And, of course, I’ve been reading like crazy. I’m trying to finish a few books but I’ve been preoccupied with blog how to posts and analyzing the posts of the inspirational people I follow on social media. I’ve tried to do what I can with what I have and not get obsessed, after all, that’s a lot of energy taking away from my other daily life chores and I have to find balance. All I know is that perhaps this is my opportunity to make a change, to inspire, to be the bright and shiny me that I feel inside. Yes, I have to learn to be okay with not doing it all at once and not knowing if I’ll thrive or fail and I have to learn to do it slowly and at a pace that allows for those other daily life things I was talking about. None the less, maybe I can do it after all! Maybe I’ll be great! Maybe I won’t? Honestly, I’m not sure I care ha-ha. If what I have to say/share has an impact on even one person, my job is done. So why not try? Time to quit the excuses and be the badass I know I can be. 

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