Saturday of Hope

Today has been a good day, so far. This morning I woke up early and had breakfast by myself. Then my mother got up and we talked for a while. She told me she has been thinking about my potential future career. I had told her I was interested in working with children and teenagers with special needs (for obvious personal reasons I am specifically interested in autism). So she had decided to help me network and get some experience in that field. She texted a woman she used to be friends with a long time ago. This woman has a teen daughter with moderate to severe autism, and she actively participates in an autism NGO. She was happy to get news from my mother after so many years. She gave my mother the phone number I should call if I want to do volunteer work there. Besides, she told her about another organization for which I might get some paid work by adapting regular school textbooks into more literal language so that they are easier for autistic students to understand.

I was excited to know how much my mother was supporting me and how many doors she could open to me so quickly. She also told me about some groups for adults with autism, which means she would actually like it if I went there and met some like-minded people. I had always thought she would be against that, but it seems that reading what I wrote on my Wrong Planet account changed her mind. My relationship with her is changing for the best, all thanks to her. I’m loving my mom so much right now!

After this short talk with her I went to my art lesson. I kept working on my mirror painting and, as I was in a really good mood because of what my mother had told me, I made a lot of progress. I worked independently most of the class, which even after many years of lessons is quite unusual in me.

When I returned home I had a short video chat with a Mexican guy/friend I met in camp. Later I went out to a restaurant to have lunch with all my family. Now we are all at home again, enjoying our quiet Saturday afternoon.

The featured picture is one of my early works (it was the third I ever finished, from October 2016). It was copied from a picture I had taken earlier that year when I traveled abroad by myself for the first time. I had gone to Cambridge to participate in their International Summer Programme. After that I spent a week in London, and that is where I took the picture of that bridge (I think it was in Hyde Park). That trip had been full of the hope and fears of growing up, and so is my life now. But I’m having a good day, which makes it easier to focus on the hopes and ignore the fears.

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