Things are Going Great!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down in the afternoon. I cried in bed for a while and with no evident reason. It was just one of those moments when I remember that I’m 23, unemployed and living with my parents. The whole situation of my life was just unbearably depressing. Fortunately, I had college in the evening. I had the longest subject of this semester (the class is four-hours long). It was amazing! That class was all I needed to lift my spirits and get over my depressed mood.

Before class I finished all the necessary paperwork to certify the courses I have already passed while studying translation. The guy who helped me with that told me the courses will appear in the system in about a month from now. So I can forget all about it and move to the last item in my “paperwork list”: changing the subject I’m taking on Thursday to the morning shift, so that I can begin the teaching course on Thursday evenings in April.

Once in the classroom, the teacher had us form a circle so that we could see each other and interact, and she made a lot of effort to make up participate (it was the second class of our first year, we didn’t know our classmates and weren’t feeling particularly talkative, but she still managed to spark our interest in the discussion.) And there was a moment when I spoke my mind about something and the teacher actually walked up to me and shook my hand in approval. She didn’t do that with any of the other students, so I felt very proud about that.

Today I have finally gathered enough courage to send a text message to someone in the NGO I want to volunteer for. She has already answered: she says there will be a meeting for new volunteers this Saturday morning, and I am invited!

So, things are going well for me right now. And this evening I’ll have a class on the origins of psychology (and of school psychology too). I hope it is just as interesting as the previous classes I’ve had 🙂

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