[496] ~*Thu – 03/14/19*~

[10:33 pm]

When you lay yourself in bed, under the covers with your pillow neck, ready to begin a new book AND THEN.. discovers that the book you have in your hands is the third book of a series and you don’t have the other two yet. Blah!

I had to get out of bed and go back into the kitchen to grab another book I also took out. I’m glad I grabbed a random book while I was at the library or else, I wouldn’t have anything to read tonight. I just hope this book isn’t also part of a series.

I sorta had a hard time sleeping last night and my sleep wasn’t that great but no wonder, I had basically slept for two days. I also didn’t have anything to read before sleep and I tend to sleep better after reading. Hopefully I will have a better sleep tonight. 

Work was work and I didn’t really receive any call in this new dept which is totally fine with me. I’m wearing my pouch and I feel less stressed. Not sure if it’s the pouch or I finally feel better but I will keep wearing it for a while. At least until I really receive calls cause I haven’t yet and really don’t mind not receiving any.

I spoke to a supervisor today and told her I wanted to look for a new job cause I didn’t like this cross training and she said I was needed at this job and that I couldn’t leave. That I was smart and would catch on very quick, that I just needed to give myself a chance and that I already knew more than I thought. It was nice to see that I was actually appreciated. Not too often that people actually reassure you at work as everyone is now replaceable.

I needed to get my rings checked this month and I randomly brought the paper with me today and glad I did as my client made me go to the mall so I stopped by the jewelry store and had my rings inspection done at the same time. It’s so annoying to have to bring them in every six months but if I stop, I lose my warranty and I guess it gives them a chance to wash the rings and make them shine. The guy actually asked if I wanted to have my other rings washed at the same time. Was very nice of him to offer but I said no. Haha!

I then went to Dixie Lee to get me and hub some food and woke him up when I got home. It’s been 19 years today we’ve been together. We didn’t do anything but eat. Lol! Can’t believe it’s been this long. We may try to go out for a date next week as this week I was too tired and slept my two days off away. I really hope I won’t be doing the same next week.

Alright, time to find out if this book is okay to read or if it has another one before which I hope not.


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