day 164

The only class we were supposed to have yesterday was cancelled. The whole class knows the professor is always late so we arrived late as well. We were all gathered in front of the classroom, but he did no show up. The other teachers had no clue where he was either. After waiting there for 45 minutes I left.

Every professor has office hours set for students meet if they need to and the electricity one wants everyone to come at least once. I did yesterday because I had some questions about the homework I have been struggling with. He helped me, but when I tried to solve it again at home I failed (again).

I watched two movies this week. Eight Grade and Sorry to Bother You. The fist one hit home, with the main character struggling with shyness and anxiety. But I think it was a bit too predictable and it lost it’s charisma, it’s personality towards the end. Sorry to Bother You is in it’s completely own category. A comedy, a satire, a drama, sci-fi, what is it? It is impossible to label it. I liked it for it’s unusualness and the message it projects. What bothered me is they tried to make it subtly futuristic like utopian films, but only did it half-assed and it looked a bit stupid.



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