I Need a Routine

During my orientation course before college, I was late to class several times. That was partly because it was a new place and, at the beginning, I didn’t know very well how to get there. It was also partly because I had to do some paperwork before going, and that took some time. But mostly, it was because I often forgot my wallet, or my snack, or my notebook when I set off, so I had to return home to get it and then go out again, which took a lot of time. That was a consequence of not being used to the routine of the evening shift (I had always gone to college in the morning shift before).

I have also had showering problems because of this new schedule. I used to take a shower every evening, and now I can’t do it anymore. So I decided to shower in the morning instead. At the beginning it didn’t work: I would forget about that decision and only remember when it was time to go to college and I suddenly noticed I was still unshowered. I would then shower after class and supper, at about 10 p.m., and then go to bed with very wet hair. That made me look terrible the next morning. Fortunately now I remember to shower in the morning and I’m getting used to my new showering routine.

Now that the basics are ready, I need to find a place for the “extras” in my weekly routine. I need a time for volunteer work, two or three hours for the gym, a scheduled “at home study time” for each subject I’m taking, and maybe a time to learn how to cook. I’ll begin planning my gym time, and then see about the study hours. If I can get organized I might end up having a good and productive year even if I can’t find a job.

2 thoughts on “I Need a Routine”

  1. It can be so difficult when our normal routine changes to get in sync with ourselves .. I have found writing out my weekly agenda on a Sunday evening useful in keeping me focused and on track with what I want to achieve .. I like your goals for this coming year, they are a great way to fill your time .. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Reflective_Echo! I’ll try to do something like that and get organized. It’s hard to get things done without a plan.

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