Thursday March 14th

I sold a dress and a pair of shoes on FB today, and a sweater on eBay. I need to do a new hanger count, but I think I’m at 105. I still have a few things hanging up that are listed, 5 things, I think, so I would be at 100 if all of those things sold. I am down to 19 pairs of shoes. That’s really good. I still have 2 pairs at least that I should list. Maybe tomorrow. I still have so many clothes that need to be listed. I have 52 active listings on eBay right now, and I still have way more that I could list. I just wish all that stuff would sell. It’s amazing how quickly you can accumulate stuff. If I end up getting through school and becoming a nurse, I will get to wear scrubs every day and that will be heavenly. I’m only going to buy like 5 sets total, though. If I will be working 3 days a week, then 5 sets is plenty. I already have 1 set that I had to buy for my class. 


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